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There are various ways how community members can contribute to making OXID eShop even better.


Contribute modules and themes

The easiest way of including enhancements and new functionality is through developing modules that extend OXID eShop CE.

If you want to develop your extension under an open source license, maybe in collaboration with others, you may also want to join the GitHub organisation OXID projects. Just drop us a note at if you want your module be forked to this organisation.

OXID eXchange is our platform where you can download or purchase modules, themes and language packs to extend core OXID eShop functionality. You can browse commercial and community extensions or add one yourself once the development is finished on OXID projects.

Get detailed information on how to upload your own extension to OXID eXchange.

Help translating OXID eShop

For translations and language file handling we made an extra section in this Wiki including a screen cast:

If you can help translating OXID eShop into another language than German and English feel free to join the OXID translation platform. Once a language pack is finished, it will be published in OXID eXchange.

File a feature request

You've got a good idea how to enhance the functionality of OXID eShop? Please post a feature request.

Posting bug reports

Should you encounter any bugs please feel free to use our bug tracker to report it to us: https://bugs.oxid-esales.com

Please first try to reproduce the bug in our demo shop or in your local vanilla installation. Also please note that bug reports can only be accepted in English.

Contributing bug fixes and code enhencements

OXID eShop is on GitHub!

Please feel free to fork our repository, create your own branches and send us a pull request once you are done. We appreciate if you could provide unit tests along with your code. Please also see the README.md file on GitHub.

If you are planning to solve complicated bugs, or if you just want to avoid double work or need some information, send an email to the general development mailinglist dev-general first so we know what you want to do.

Before contributing for the first time, you must accept the OXID Contributor Agreement. This document will be offered with your first pull request. You can find more information about it on the FAQ page OXID Contribution and Contributor Agreement FAQ.

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