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Welcome to our fifth release of the OXID Community Newsletter. Although there is holiday time in some countries, many interesting things are going on in the OXID universe that we'd love to tell you!


OXID Commons 2009 was a great event

On July 9th, our first OXID Commons took place in Freiburg, Germany, and was a tremendous success! More than 300 people visited our very first community day, and about 100 watched the talks via online streaming. Those of you who didn't have a chance to attend this year can watch video recordings of the talks, download all slides or watch our picture stream at Flickr.

Become a certified OXID eShop developer through Webinars

There is an easy way how to become a certified OXID eShop engineer without leaving your desk: OXID now offers live Webinars in English to obtain certificates. These Webinars will teach you about using the OXID eShop admin interface as well as extend the OXID eShop Professional Edition and Enterprise Edition with own functionality and features. In addition to the certification Webinar, there will be tests and tasks that will be corrected and discussed remotely by the teacher.

To become an OXID eShop Certified Engineer for the Professional Edition (PE), you must attend Module 1 and Module 2 of the Webinar series. Join all three Webinar modules to label yourself as an OXID eShop Certified Engineer for the Enterprise Edition (EE).

The first set of Webinars starts at August 31st. Each module is available for 300 €. Check out the certification Webinars page for more information: http://www.oxid-esales.com/en/services/academy/dates.

OXID eShop 4.1.4 and 4.1.5 released

Since the past newsletter, OXID eShop 4.1.4 and 4.1.5 have been released. These are mainly bugfix and security releases.

Version 4.1.4 allows to enable language identifiers as a part of search engine optimized URLs, it includes modified admin templates as well as enhancements to the public interface for developers. Additionally, a security issue has been fixed. Details on this release and download links are available at http://www.oxidforge.org/wiki/Downloads/21266.

Release 4.1.5 introduces a new application for making database updates as well as many bug fixes. Database updates can be easily done by running the new update application - there is no need for running SQL commands on the database any more. Find more information about this minor relaese at http://www.oxidforge.org/wiki/Downloads/21618.

Security bulletin 2009-003 issued

As part of our regular security audit, a security issue has been identified that can lead to unauthorized access to session information of unregistered users. Users of the 4.x series of OXID eShop are strongly encouraged to update at least to version 4.1.4. For the legacy releases of OXID eShop Professional Edition and Enterprise Edition, a separate fix has been made available. More details can be found in the security bulletin at http://www.oxidforge.org/wiki/Security_bulletins/2009-003

Newest quality report published

Our development team updated the quality report. Thanks to the combined efforts of our community, our development team is now working on about 100 issues in total, whereas the total number of source code lines remained approximately the same. Now we're close to 4,000 unit tests, just 52 are missing and we can celebrate the 4,000th test. The report has been published at the OXIDforge Wiki: http://www.oxidforge.org/wiki/File:Quality_report_20090806.pdf

New free extension: Financing online purchases

This module enables the OXID eShop visitor to decide for an online financing instead of buying the product directly. It is available in OXID eXchange for free download. Read more about it in the related blog post.

Planet OXID aggregates all OXID Community blogs

We're proud to announce the immediate availability of Planet OXID, our collection of blogs and feeds on various OXID-related topics. Get an overview of what OXID's staff is writing, what our partners are saying and get insight into the world of OXID enthusiasts. The Planet is available at http://planet.oxidforge.org and updates its feed every hour. To have your blog added to our growing blogroll, please write to community@oxid-esales.com

Launchpad to come for developing OXID extensions

In July, Canonical (the company behind Ubuntu Linux) made its source code management platform Launchpad available under an open source license. OXID will enhance it's community lab OXIDforge with its own instance of Launchpad, combining various tools and services for the community in one platform that allow to collaboratively develop OXID extensions. Preparations already take place, so stay tuned!

Slides of OXID's LinuxTag presentations

Marco's and Erik's slides from LinuxTag are available online, the one introducing OXID eShop, the other highlighting the process of refactoring OXID eShop. Find the presentations on the related OXIDforge Wiki page - this is where we will collect all slides in the future.

OXID at Community Leadership Summit (CLS) and OSCON 2009

OXID attended the Community Leadership Summit (CLS) and the Open Source Convention (OSCON) in San Jose, USA this year. Erik, our Head of Development and Marco Steinhäuser, our Community Guide, took part. Both had a great time. Marco wrote a blog post sharing his impressions of CLS and OSCON: http://www.oxid-esales.com/en/news/blog/erik-and-marco-cls-and-oscon-2009.


OXID Community Newsletter is dedicated to our growing Open Source community - it's about YOU! So we are eager to hear your suggestions and comments. Anything you'd like to read about? Things you didn't like? Or do you want to start writing your own articles for this newsletter? We are looking forward to your feedback at newsletter [at] oxid-esales [dot] com

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