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Mailing Lists

Before you start posting on any of our mailing lists, please consider the following general guidelines:

  • Discussions take place in English language only.
  • Discussions must be related to OXID eShop Community Edition or respective extensions.
  • Please observe the common rules of netiquette; communication should always be conducted in a courteous and friendly manner.
  • Your signature may contain a link to your website; it may not contain a banner. Links to commercial sites are not permissible when the content of the website is not relevant to the discussion. It is not permitted to use a mailing list to sell used software licenses. Keep your signature as short as possible.

If in doubt, please consult the Mailing List Etiquette FAQ for further advice or simply ask on one of our mailing lists - you'll see that everyone on the list will be happy to be of help.

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